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Mill Creek Publishing LLC

ebook and video CPE


Patricia McCarthy and Joe Helstrom CPA are the owners of Mill Creek Publishing LLC. They specialize in creating continuing professional education materials for CPAs. Our courses, eBooks and Videos, can be found on a variety of CPE Provider sites.  We create a variety of courses, including accounting and fraud,  however our two areas of concentration are Ethics and Microsoft Excel. Currently all our material is self-study -eBooks and Videos.



Ethics- CPA - CPE


The focus on Ethics is due to the fact that every state requires ethics training and it is important in today’s world to have a good understanding of what is acceptable and what is not. Every state ethics course we write, covers the specifics of that state. Our goal has to been to write interesting Ethics courses with a focus on case studies. For those of you who have taken a state ethics courses- you know how difficult that is. Given our reviews in this area though- we have been successful. 



Microsoft Excel

First, this sounds hokey – but we both love Excel.  Second, we made this choice because Excel is a tool, used by every  CPAs, on a day to day basis to analyze, aggregate and present financial information.   Some CPAs only do accounting and some only do tax …. BUT every CPA uses Excel.

We create or look for CPE materials that will help make work life easier and more productive.   When you watch someone do an Excel entry or function it always looks so easy – until you go back to your office and try it on your own. Then it is – “What button did they press?“” or  “What the heck do I do now?

For  this reason, we incorporate step by step instructions in our Excel CPE materials so that you can easily understand what you should do and why you should do it. Our exercise files allow you to follow along in the eBook and do the steps yourself.  Many of our Excel courses also offer TRY-IT exercises where you can work independently through an exercise similar to one covered in the eBook.  This helps to reinforce the material and ensures that you can actually apply what you learned in the eBook. Answer files are also included. To see our Excel listing please click here.



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