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Reviews of CPE Courses

Reviews on our CPE courses

Accounting and Audit CPE Courses

Crossing the Line: Cases in Financial Statement Fraud and Audit Deception

  • Very interesting examples of their life. I could not even imagine that public companies are capable of this.
  • Very interesting. I do wish that they had discussed how these frauds were discovered, but otherwise it was very informative and interesting.
  • Dramatic fraud cases-hard to believe these. But shows how multiple parties can be duped by deceptive players.

Accounting Fraud

  • Interesting case studies on fraud. Understanding these studies, the motivations to commit fraud, and the proper controls to reduce the risk can help to both identify fraud and reduce fraud risk.
  • Very interesting and informative.
  • Very high quality writing! fascinating case studies
  • I like how they gave application to both CPAs in industry as well as public accounting. Great examples of how fraud can be conducted and not be detected and how strong internal controls could have prevented the frauds.
  • Interesting and different case studies highlighting how fraud can be perpetrated n many ways.

Koss Corporation – A Case Study in Fraud

  • The content was good and I found that using a real case study is a good way to teach concepts. This was quite interesting to explain how the dimensions of the fraud triangle were all present and all contributed to this fraud.

Accounts Receivable Best Practices for Small to Medium Sized Commercial Entities

  • Very useful information. practical applications for everyday use 

Excel CPE Courses

Excel Time Value of Money Functions for CPAs

  • I’ve often played around with the financial formulas in Excel, but found them slightly confusing. This course puts a lot of knowledge in a concise format that was easy to understand, and, the examples given made it easy to verify how it actually worked with real numbers.
  • This was an excellent course, explains variety of formulas that can easily be done n Excel

Fraud Audit Techniques using Excel

  • Concise descriptions with good hands-on examples made this course interesting and informative.

Excel Chart Basics

  • Good overview of chart making. I had no experience and this was very helpful.
  • There were several good hints and tips included with this program. I have built several graphs and I still learned a few tips and tricks.
  • Course is well developed and put together. Great information, I learned a lot.
  • Really interesting information and new graphing /charting tools to use. Good course.

Create Dynamic and Interactive Charts

  • Simple language and good examples to guide the practice. I like this course. learned several things!

Arrays: A Powerful Excel Tool

  • This course contained some excellent Excel formulas and solution ideas.

Ethics CPE Courses

Ethics for CPAs in Business

  • The [author] provided good material, including examples to illustrate.
  • This ethics course provides information on how to handle certain situations. I think it is well worth the time.
  • This was a comprehensive course that covered many facts of ethics for the CPA working in business.

Ethics and Professional Conduct for Texas CPAs

  • This was much more engaging than other Ethics courses I’ve taken over the years. I liked the emphasis on case studies and changes in the Ethics rules.
  • I loved being able to read, rather than listen to, the course. Tons of case studies were included, and I always enjoy looking into them. Highly recommend this course!
  • Very informative course, efficient to complete, useful material.
  • Great case examples and I liked how the important points were summarized at the end of each section. It helped boil down the info into pieces that were easier to remember.

Ethics and Professional Conduct for California CPAs

  • The material is very helpful. I think all CPAs or non-CPAs would benefit from the course. It’s importance to understand the difference between moral and professional ethics. The course material explains it in details and how to differentiate it by providing examples. Also, it’s written in simple and non-technical language where everyone can learn.
  • Course materials cover a lot of areas and are very practical. It could be even better if the course is in a video format. I will save the course materials and use them as refer or reference in the future.

Professional Ethics for Illinois CPAs

  • Very thorough information. Glad I took this course.

Professional Ethics for Colorado CPAs

  • This course was complete and easy to understand. There were good examples of different situations to help you apply the concepts
  • Great review course for ethics requirements in NY. The course is simple and easy to follow.

Ethics and Professional Conduct for Washington CPAS 

  • Excellent course. The materials were easy to follow. Great questions.

Professional Ethics for New York CPAs

  • Great review course for ethics requirements in NY. The course is simple and easy to follow.
  • The program was well laid out and easy to follow. The included case studies help to visual the concepts discussed and inject some life into the subject.
  • I enjoyed the course and thought it was very informative. Thanks!