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Excel CPE Courses

Accountant using Excel -CPE


Our Microsoft Excel Courses covering through Excel 2019 and Office 365

  • Fraud Audit Techniques using Excel
  • Customize Financial Statements 
  • Excel Best Practices
  • Excel Must Know Functions
  • Excel Time Value of Money Functions for CPAs
  • Financial Forecasting Tools
  • Working with Downloaded Text Data
  • Arrays- A Powerful Excel Tool
  • Fraud Detection Tools
  • Become a Lookup Expert 
  • Custom Functions in Excel
  • Drive your Dashboard with Excel
  • Creating Effective Charts
  • Basics of Charts (Video)
  • Interactive Charts
  • Managing Data with Excel
  • Must Know Excel Tips Tricks and Tools for the CPA
  • Pivot Tables: Organize, Summarize and Analyze
  • Decision Making Functions 
  • Get and Transform -Power Query

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